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Science Jun 4, 2020

A Case For Adaptive Design in Clinical Trials.

The clinical research industry is in danger of reaching the point of diminishing returns. By some estimates, it is already there. The global biopharmaceutical industry has been increasingly battered by rising R&D costs, reduced funding, weak ROI, regulatory challenges, social and political pressure for price controls, a tarnished public image, and a relentlessly competitive market.

Science May 29, 2020

Exciting and Fulfilling Jobs and Careers in Bioanalytical.

Would enjoy a career in bioanalytical chemistry, which is predominantly DNA and protein-specific analysis? It typically involves working with bioassays, biosensors, DNA and protein sequencing, electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry.

Science May 21, 2020

Genomics: A New Field with Amazing Potential.

When it comes to careers, there is no field that changes so much, teaches so many, and helps us define the world and the creatures that live in it as science. One of the most interesting fields is genomics, or the study of the genome (a set of DNA completely sequenced in an organism).

Science May 15, 2020

Immunologically Privileged Tissue.

Due to the well-known concept of allograft rejection, it is common clinical practice for donors and recipients to be screened and matched prior to organ transplantation. For example, the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) of the donor and recipient must be identical; the recipient must have no infection and must not have hypertension.

Science May 8, 2020

Life Science Services.

We live in a scientific era with facilities that have been influenced by science; inventions by scientists have made our lives simpler and more comfortable. Life sciences services understand the demands of R&D improvements to enhance the efficiency of their operations. This is mainly driven by the health care agenda. Life science services include many fields, such as molecular biology, biotechnology, etc.

Science May 1, 2020

Data Entry.

Demand must match supply. In fact, demand must always be proportional to supply. This is fairly simple for small businesses, but it’s not always that easy for large ones. Small businesses typically have smaller products and fewer customers, and it’s usually sufficient to keep track of them with an Excel spreadsheet.

Science Apr 24, 2020

Non-Clinical Services in the Health Care Business.

Tangible resources can be viewed, tested, quantified, and budgeted. The reality is that intangible "quality of life" responsibilities are the primary responsibility of support services departments within the healthcare industry.

Science Apr 20, 2020

Scientific research in Advanced Global Research.

Worldwide spending on scientific research has increased 45 percent to more than $1 trillion US dollars since 2002. An astounding 218 countries generated 1.5 million research papers. The United States alone generated 320,000 papers.

Science Apr 15, 2020

Transforming cell and gene therapy trial design.

With over 400 dedicated Cell and Gene Therapy professionals globally, ICON has developed tools and best practices to transform CGT trial design and execution.

Science Apr 10, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine response.

Developments in vaccine research efforts and key challenges of delivering a coronavirus vaccine.

Science Apr 8, 2020

Five common literature reviews for RWE generation.

While a literature review may be a core component of a planned RWE generation workstream or a standalone project, not all reviews are the same...

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