Exciting and Fulfilling Jobs and Careers in Bioanalytical

Would enjoy a career in bioanalytical chemistry, which is predominantly DNA and protein-specific analysis? It typically involves working with bioassays, biosensors, DNA and protein sequencing, electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry. In order for you to fully understand bioanalytical chemistry, the breakdown of each follows:

  • Bioassays are scientific experiments that use living things to test the toxicity of specific chemicals.
  • Biosensors are scientific devices used in the detection of an analyte, the binding element that combines a certain biological component together with a physicochemical component as a detector.
  • In Advanced Global Research, DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used for the functioning and development of organisms. DNA is also found in some viruses. DNA genetic information is essentially a blueprint, code, or recipe for RNA cells, proteins, and molecules that are slightly different than DNA molecules.
  • Protein sequencing is a method used to determine the structure of a protein by determining the amino acid sequences and the conformation it requires. This enables scientists to understand cellular processes and plays a role in the discovery of various drugs. It uses mass spectrometry as well as the Edman degradation reaction.
  • Mass spectrometry refers to the determination of a specific elemental composition of molecules or other samples using a specific medical instrument. This instrument supports the study of the biological, chemical, and/or physical properties of a wide variety of compounds.
  • Electrophoresis, better known as gel electrophoresis, is a procedure used to separate molecules through a stationary material—in this case, the gel—through a special electric field. Electricity is used to divide DNA fragments by size as they migrate through a gel matrix.

So now you have a bird's eye view of what the job is all about, and that should help you decide if you want to consider this type of career. Bioanalytic jobs can be exciting and tremendously rewarding, as new drugs are discovered to treat a large number of human diseases.

Many bioanalytical positions are advertised online, from roles in disease research labs and pharmaceutical solutions research to positions with drug manufacturers. Depending on your experience and education, finding jobs in this field isn’t difficult.

Of course, education is only one factor in securing a bioanalytical job. Experience is a key component, as well. The school you attended can also be important, as certain schools have better medical programs than others. Unless you have significant experience, your grade point average may also play a part.

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