It was established in 2011 with the purpose to research and develop high efficient medicine.
Non-Clinical Development

AGR experts deliver in-depth experience to design and implement cost-effective non-clinical programs with speed and adaptability built-in.

Bioanalytical Laboratories

We provide analytical testing services to meet the research and development challenges of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


AGR recognises the importance of strategic analysis and decision-making in drug and device development.

Adaptive Trials

AGR offers the knowledge, software, systems and global footprint to make global adaptive trials a reality.

Real World Intelligence

Optimising real world data use to drive effective outcomes and achieve regulatory authorisation

  • Real World Evidence Strategy & Analytics
  • Real World Evidence and Late Phase Research
  • Direct to Patient Contact Solutions

Transplant Immunology

AGR offers expertise in the development and management of all aspects of organ transplant clinical trials from the earliest development to the late post – marketing environment.

Our global investigator database includes over 85 organ transplant investigative sites across more than 20 countries.



Personalised medicine has the potential to transform patient care.

To be useful in clinical development, proper infrastructure and expertise are required to harness the power of these large, real-world data sets. Analysis and reporting of Genomic results and regulatory submissions and labelling

Advanced Global Research

Local knowledge combined with global expertise to ensure quality data on time and within budget.
AGR in Asia

We understand the unique challenges of conducting research in Asia Pacific and use their country-specific knowledge to ensure we deliver quality data to our clients on time and within budget.

AGR in Latin America

We have the capability and expertise to conduct clinical trials and development projects on both a local, cross-region and global basis and provide the full range of ICON.

wrappixel kit
wrappixel kit

AGR is committed to exceeding the quality standards demanded by our clients, patients and regulatory authorities.

Latest News

Science Jun 4, 2020

A Case For Adaptive Design in Clinical Trials.

The clinical research industry is in danger of reaching the point of diminishing returns. By some estimates, it is already there. The global biopharmaceutical industry has been increasingly battered by rising R&D costs, reduced funding, weak ROI, regulatory challenges, social and political pressure for price controls, a tarnished public image, and a relentlessly competitive market.

Science May 29, 2020

Exciting and Fulfilling Jobs and Careers in Bioanalytical.

Would enjoy a career in bioanalytical chemistry, which is predominantly DNA and protein-specific analysis? It typically involves working with bioassays, biosensors, DNA and protein sequencing, electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry.

Science May 21, 2020

Genomics: A New Field with Amazing Potential.

When it comes to careers, there is no field that changes so much, teaches so many, and helps us define the world and the creatures that live in it as science. One of the most interesting fields is genomics, or the study of the genome (a set of DNA completely sequenced in an organism).

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Advanced Global Research was established in 2011 with the purpose to research and develop high efficient medicine.

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